Why the patient is called “Patient”?

Why the patient is called “Patient”?

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As Shristi entered into the doctor’s room with her little brother, the consulting doctor asks her if she was the patient? That made her wonder about how her proud label of “Software developer at Google” changes into “Patient”?

The word “patient” originated in the late 14th century from the French word “pacient,” meaning suffering or enduring without the pain and closely relate to Latin verb “pati,” meaning to suffer.         In Latin, this word took on the extra sense of somebody who suffers their afflictions with calmness and composure, hence longsuffering or forbearing, all ideas intimately tied up with our word patience.

The words we use to describe the world can have a dramatic impact on how we conceptualize it. Addressing someone as “patient” give an idea of them being sick laying in the bed passively (unlike consumer of modern health care), obeying everything the medical staff asks them to do. The long queue one has to face for Registration, Consultation, Getting the medicines from the pharmacy, or any medical test report all contribute to keeping this suffering alive.

At mCURA, we surveyed across India and found many Shristis facing the same problem of long queues and stressful waiting hours remaining the major obstacle in the journey of providing efficient and satisfactory health care. This problem leads us to the creation of SmartOPD solutions.

With the adaptation of mCURA: Smart OPD, our partner health centers have reported a significant positive impact on patient-perceived waiting time (up to 80% reduction), visitor engagement and battling the overcrowding and unnecessary queues and administrative paperwork.

 Its time for our healthcare giants to ask the question, “Do we want to keep the people visiting us as “Patient” or make them a “Happy consumer,” with efforts of both the sides.

“A patient is also a person and sufferig is what he is living with”